ANB Victoria Competitor Profiles

Kim Parrott - ANB Victoria Fitness Mania Figure Champion

Anything else you would like to share:

I am a paramedic which means shift work. I do night shift and work at different times during the day. I don't always finish on time. It doesnt stop me from getting my training done! 14 hour night shift finishes and I go straight to the gym! People use shift work as an excuse to not train. For me I map it out and make it happen! There are goas that need to be reached!

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Svetlana Makoutonina – My Story

I was always very active and into fitness. From dancing for 8 years when I was a teenager to casual Latin dancing classes and pole dancing in my early to mid-20s’. I was also into cross fit and regular gym workouts.

However in 2013 through to early 2014 was an extremely hard year for me on a personal and mental level and my fitness and active lifestyle disappeared. My insecurities grew to the point where I hated myself, I lacked all self-control and I turned to food for comfort and I gained a lot of weight for my petite frame very quickly. I was extremely unhappy with my life, with how I looked and felt, and the notion that I had completely lost myself took over. I lost all confidence in myself and this slowly overtook my life. 

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Adrian Hunt and Jaidyn Hunt - Father and Son shine onstage!

ANB Victoria Promoter, Maria McCarter says, ‘As we all know bodybuilding can be a lonely sport and that is why we work so hard to make our competitors feel like part of our family.  I honestly can say I don’t know who was prouder, Adrian of his son, Jaidyn of his dad, or me of both them’

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Natalie Kitney - Bikini Champion

Some words from Nat…

 “Behind the bikini every girl has a story. Unlike many fitness models I haven’t come from a lean and athletic physique, over weight in my teens and 20s.  For me this isn’t just a journey of weight loss, it is a journey of taking control of your body, health, life and love creating positive change in all. The past 2 years my life has been turned upside down competing in bikini and fitness modelling competitions I have found a happiness within myself that I never knew existed. Each and every day I am now creating the life I’ve always dreamt of, asking for what I want and not just accepting what other have to offer. There will always be self-doubt and I’m not going to deny it takes a whole lot of hard work– but having the body in your mind begin to reflect the one in the mirror and having the life you’ve always dreamt of unfold in front of your eyes is an indescribable feeling.  Anything is possible if you have the drive determination and self-belief to succeed.  This is just a little insight into my journey thus far, for this is just a chapter in my story, proud but never satisfied, there is no end when the best is always yet to come.” – Nat Kitney

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Ami Stockton - Can't Keep Me Down

An Injury doesn’t have to mean the end of your sport or goals; it is a set-back and not a means to the end. I have achieved goals and successes that I could have only dreamed about after getting injured. Injuries can be one way of bringing out inner strengths of an individual, a true revealer of character. It is what you do afterwards that separates the weak from the strong. I want to share my story to help inspire others to continue on, even after injury.

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Hope: The Abilitiy To Achieve The Unachievable - Dean Koenig


I was driving my motorcycle outside my wife's house and as I turned the corner I was involved in a severe motorbike accident. My wife came round the corner to find me and my bike underneath a car. After numerous doctors appointments and trips to the hospital it was found I had torn ligaments, tendons and muscles in my leg, a cracked T3 vertebra, nerve damage down my right arm and had 2 bulging disks in my upper neck. I was unable to walk and move let alone work or train for the next 8 months without being in sever pain with every movement.

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Garry Byrne - 2014 ANB Vics State Championship Bodybuilder


It is only in the last few years that health and fitness has really become an essential part of my life. I guess the first ‘sporting achievement’ would be losing 20kgs and gaining a new sense of confidence and happiness! Because of this I have amazed myself in what I have been able to achieve as a result: 3 half-marathons, various Spartan Races - the last one being “The Beast” (21km, 40+ obstacles), Tough Mudder, and now my first ANB BB Comp!

Obstacles you have overcome or life changing moments you would like to share

The biggest obstacle was the person staring at me in the mirror every morning when I was at my heaviest (100kg)! I used to kid myself that I was still relatively healthy and in okay shape. I remember being shocked by seeing photos of myself and seeing EXACTLY how out of shape I had become – looking bloated and unhealthy, and worst of all -  unhappy. 

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Jason Nakla - Legally Blind But That Hasnt Stopped Jason!

I was born with a condition called albinism, which means I lack pigment in my skin and hair and also suffer from low vision and I am classed as being legally blind. I also suffer from Scheuermann's disease (excessive curvature of the spine), bulging discs (L4 & L5), degenerative discs (C6 & C7) and a bone growth on the spinal cord which is inoperable.

I was told by many specialists I would never be able to train again and I was a couch potato for 3 years. 

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Eric Kydd - ANB Victoria Bodybuilding Overall Champion

Goals For The Future:

WIn divisioin at Nationals

Compete Internationally

Eventually become a natural pro.

Favourite Quote:

"Be Proud But Never Satisfied"

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Athlete Profile - Vanessa Andrew



Bring an improved Physique to the stage…because we should always look to improve with everything we do!

Finish the 2013 year with some major placings at Victorian and National shows in October

Motivate anyone to think it is NEVER too late to achieve anything you set your mind to, health and happiness are only the first footstep on the path away……

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